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score_9,score_8_up,score_7_up,cinematic film still,professional fashion photography of a epic character composition,sharp focus,natural lighting,subsurface scattering,f2,35mm,film grain,matte skin,pores,colors,hyperdetailed,hyperrealistic,confident,certain,poise,conviction,faith,boldness,looking at camera,( Sleek Black Blazer with Tailored Trousers:1.2),(close-up),detailed shoulders,detailed arms,detailed face,detailed neck,detailed eyes,detailed pupils,detailed lips,undershirt,In the vibrant heart of a bustling city square,the photographer crafts an upper body portrait,skillfully framing the model against the backdrop of historic buildings and modern architecture. The expressive gaze resonates with the dynamic energy of the urban environment,turning it into a captivating stage for her allure. Dramatic folds and rich tonal contrasts unfold against the canvas of diverse textures,accentuating the model Is natural contours. The play of sunlight,bouncing off glass facades and casting shadows on cobblestone streets,imparts a lively radiance to the scene. Subtle textures and contemporary elegance intertwine,creating a visual tapestry with the fusion of history and modernity. In the bustling simplicity of this urban setting,the photographer transforms light into an art form. The model seamlessly integrates into the city Is rhythm,each fold and highlight contributing to a composition that captures not only the visual but also the tactile essence of the moment. This photograph becomes a conduit for emotion,inviting the viewer to feel the pulse of the city,sense the varied textures,and envision the embrace of opulence within the cosmopolitan blend. The photographer Is skill transforms the interaction between the model and the city square into a poetic harmony,leaving an indelible mark on the senses. . shallow depth of field,vignette,highly detailed,high budget,bokeh,cinemascope,moody,epic,gorgeous,film grain,grainy,
Negative prompt
score_6,score_5,score_4,ugly,worst quality,low quality,bad anatomy,bad hands,missing fingers,fewer digits,source_furry,source_pony,source_cartoon,3d,blurry,white background,nipples,(((anal object insertion))),pussy juice,cum,cum on body,wet,water,sweat,pubic hair,
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