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girl,(female),solo,slender_waist,gigantic breasts,A terrifying and blasphemous,twisted,protoplasmic,skeletal,and fleshy monster in the style of Zdzisław Beksiński. This creature's body is a chaotic amalgamation of protoplasm,bones,and flesh,constantly morphing and twisting,defying any fixed shape. The primary colors are deep black,dark purple,and dark red,with its surface covered in wet mucus and bloodstains,reflecting a malevolent glow.,The surface of its body is covered with countless twisted,writhing tentacles that extend and retract incessantly. These tentacles are equipped with suckers,spikes,and bone spurs,appearing extremely horrifying and dangerous. Scattered irregularly across its form are numerous deformed limbs,some composed of bones,others made of flesh,and some a grotesque mix of protoplasm and muscle,all looking grotesque and terrifying.,Numerous eyes are scattered all over its body,continuously appearing and disappearing. These eyes vary in size and shape,some resembling human eyes,others like beast eyes,and some even with multiple pupils. They glow with red or yellow light,exuding a strong sense of oppression and malevolence.,Its body is also dotted with multiple mouths of varying sizes,each filled with sharp teeth. These mouths ooze a viscous fluid and continuously open and close,emitting a chilling,otherworldly sound. The inside of these black mouths glows with red or green light.,The skin of this monster is smooth and slimy,similar to that of mollusks,covered with fragments of bones and flesh. The surface is marked with complex patterns and cracks,resembling ancient runes,radiating an eerie energy. The surface occasionally flashes with ominous light,seemingly emanating from some unknown energy source within. Most of its form is shrouded in deep shadows,giving a sense of unfathomable depth and darkness.,The painting exudes a deep,oppressive,and somber emotion,evoking a strong sense of post-apocalyptic desolation and lonely isolation. The color palette is dominated by dark tones,primarily black,gray,and deep red,with occasional touches of dark yellow and brown,enhancing the overall sense of mystery and dread.,
Negative prompt
grotesque,unsightly,misshapen,deformed,mangled,awkward,distorted,twisted,contorted,misshapen,lopsided,malformed,asymmetrical,irregular,unnatural,botched,mangled,mutilated,disfigured,unsightly,ugly,repulsive,revolting,ghastly,hideous,unappealing,terrible,awful,frightful,odious,loathsome,revolting,obnoxious,detestable,hateful,repugnant,sickening,vile,abhorrent,contemptible,execrable,loathsome,detestable,repellent,disgusting,revolting,loathsome,distasteful,abominable,ugly,tiling,poorly drawn hands,poorly drawn feet,poorly drawn face,out of frame,extra limbs,disfigured,deformed,body out of frame,blurry,bad anatomy,blurred,watermark,grainy,signature,cut off,draft,amateur,multiple,gross,weird,uneven,furnishing,decorating,decoration,furniture,text,poor,low,basic,worst,unprofessional,failure,crayon,oil,label,thousand hands,
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