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masterpiece,best quality,extremely fine and beautiful,perfect detailed,best illumination,best shadow,an extremely delicate and beautiful,HDR,(Cloud gap light:1.2),bloom,Chromatic Aberration,Photorealistic,extremely detailed,The picture shows a rugged,wind-beaten cliff that looks like a headland and cliff.There were a vibrant field of flowers at the headland,a young girl stands on a cliff at the edge of a promontory,looking down on the vast sea from above,wearing grace detailed clothes,a gentle breeze stirring her hair,hair blowing with the wind,skirt blowing with the wind.Mystical nature,sunlight casting a warm glow on her hair.,She gazes out to sea with endless yearning and unwavering faith in her heart,and the seasons around her change,and time passes from spring to winter. Against the backdrop of a dramatic and lonely landscape,the atmosphere is a blend of hope and melancholy,and the girl's expression reveals deep longing and sadness.,,
Negative prompt
(constructions,buildings),badhandv4,EasyNegative,EasyNegativeV2,ng_deepnegative_v1_75t,verybadimagenegative_v1.3,nsfw,lowres,bad anatomy,bad hands,text,error,missing fingers,extra digit,fewer digits,cropped,worst quality,low quality,normal quality,jpeg artifacts,signature,watermark,username,blurry,(3 cat ear),2girls,(poorly drawn hands),(poorly drawn face),(((fat))),((cropped)),((fused fingers)),((too many fingers)),(malformed limbs),(((bad anatomy))),((ugly)),out of frame,blurry,gross propotions,distorted face,distorted body,((distorted fingers)),missing leg,more than 2 leg,more than 2 feet,more than 2 arms,signature,watermark,misplaced limbs,leg too big,leg too small,fused hands,fused arms,distorted backgroud,fused buildings,((finger too short)),more than 1 right hand,more than 1 left hand,wrong direction of limbs,wrong direction of legs,wrong direction of feet,misplaced facial features,unbalanced facial features,((long body)),(poorly drawn joint),misplaced joint,wrong joint angle,disappearing legs,disappearing arms,disappearing limbs,((fused limbs)),((fused thighs)),thumb too long,fingers too long,missing hands,missing arms,no face,wrong angle of upper and lower body,((misplaced animal tail)),((malformed animal tail)),poorly drawn animal tail,less than 2 ears,((more than 2 ears)),((one arm longer than another)),((missing palm)),((palm disappeared)),sharp fingers,((two eyes in different size)),hair fused with items,weird ears,weird animal ears,weird fingers,weird hands,weird limbs,weird arms,weird legs,weird thighs,thin wrist,more than 2 eyes,malformed eyes,misplaced eyes,strange animal,
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